We are recruiting brands to participate in Home Table Deco Fair X The Maison.

Home and Table Deco Fair has been with the history of home styling and leads the living culture.
It is an exhibition that runs through the entire design of furniture and products, from classical to innovative design.
Provides business opportunities and creative inspiration for home styling and lifestyle.
Based on the home curation know-how and nationwide network that the two organizers have built for a long time,
It meets the business needs of the interior and living industries, and changes in lifestyle awareness.
Offers an unemployed marketing platform that extends access to premium home styling.


Home and Table Deco Fair Link Exhibition for Better Space and Better Life

It starts with a foundation for a good life. It's a place that encompasses your home, your work space, and your commercial space.
The perspective of users who consume and use space is also increasing.
Creating a space to enrich life and make it myself. The Maison is joining us in the beginning.

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the application form

Send the signed applcation form

by e-mail

Wire-transfer 50% deposit

within 1 week of submission

Balance Payment (50%)
before the due date


Booth Information

Provides pure display area only. After allocating the exhibition area, the participants should select a booth equipment construction company registered    in the exhibition hall and construct the booth.

The host special provides devices such as walls, lighting, carpets, and outlets, and participants only perform internal setting and decoration.

*Carpet is not available for The Maison Exhibition.

1 booth size: The Maison Floor Area 3(L)X3(W) / Wall Size 3(L)X3(W)X3(H) Seoul, Busan Floor Area 3(L)X3(W) / Wall Size 3(L)X3(W)X2.4(H)

Early discount: 10% discount excluding 500,000 won for the device.

*Additional discounts will be provided if you apply for more than two exhibitions, so please contact the secretariat.