Show title       2024 HOME·TABLE DECO FAIR SEOUL

Venue              COEX, SEOUL, KOREA

Dates               Dec. 12 - 15, 2024

Time                (Thur, Fri, Sun)10:00 - 18:00 / (Sat)10:00 - 19:00  (Last entry : 17:00/18:00)

Hosted by       Reed K. Fairs   CASA LIVING   

Sponsor           Forest For Life   Seoul City 

WGNB's Special Proposal, 'Trend Feature' Living Trend

This year's "Trend Pitcher" Living Trend Hall was organized by designers Baek Jong-hwan and Shin Jong-hyun, co-presidents of "WGNB (Wallga & Brothers)." WGNB is famous for its external architectural design company that created hot places such as Junji Flagship Store, Musinsa Empti Sold Out, and Kakao Friends Flagship Store Space, and has won prestigious overseas design awards, especially JCD, Red Dot, iF, and iKONIC. The two designers will show "OBJECT" created in collaboration with various brands such as Via Bijuno, Seoul Bund, and UNUS, not WGNB's architecture and space work, and each object will be designed in a variety of ways, including storytelling, structural combination, and re-entering everyday objects.


In particular, this planning center will showcase three pieces of furniture made in collaboration with furniture brand Munito and NPD for the first time. Munito is suggesting dining tables, chairs, etc. based on a sofa tailored to Korean lifestyle. In this collaboration with WGNB, Lounge Chair will be introduced for the first time, and NPD, a new brand of MOVEMENT LAB, will showcase products created by close collaboration with designers, design studios, writers and producers.


In addition, the painting by designer Baek Jong-hwan, who is a hobby of painting, is applied to various products in daily life, and the living trend hall is filled with various objects such as lighting worked by designer Shin Jong-hyun and wood furniture made in collaboration with Jeonju craftsmen. This brings you new ideas and inspiration that you've never met before.

0% WASTE: Introducing a brand that practices small changes for the planet for a sustainable next.

Due to climate change abnormalities and the spread of infectious diseases, it is now an era of a must-environment where sustainability emerges beyond eco-friendly.

At the Zero Waist (0% WASTE) Planning Center, We propose eco-friendly living products and lifestyle spaces for sustainable tomorrow and the environment.

In this exhibition, we're going to present a valuable and valuable for the sustainable circulation of living resources.

"Pulti," which provides a service to share furniture without throwing it away, and "1S1T (Is It)"'s "Artist Kang Young-min,"

which presents the planning hall with a work that recy You can meet the 0% WASTE Pavilion,

which has become richer with various brands. The Home-Table Deco Fair will be held from 2021 by the exhibition's admission revenue and Zero Waste Planning Officer.

We participate in the practice of zero waist by donating profits from booth sales to the civic group "Forest of Life" to support the planting of trees.

Visitors can participate in this campaign just by watching the exhibition.

BRAND-NEW Planning Director tells the story of the birth of newly launched brands, products, and brands through Home and Table Deco Fair. We would like to share the exciting moment when the brand makes its debut in the world and inform you of the precious products that contain the birth story of each brand that presents a new trend.

2022 Participating Brand : Sono, Koala, Conesofa, Bonakia, 7uhr

We propose an optimal sleep space.

Sleep is essential for mental and physical health, and as such, deep sleep is an essential part of life in modern society. Design your sleep is a mattress brand special hall that suggests the optimal sleeping area interior.

At the Next Creators Planning Center, you can meet new designers who will lead the future of the Korean design world.The planning center selected a novel selection process for individual designers, startups, and university students/graduate students. The works of up-and-coming designers are introduced, and fresh and original works that have never been seen before are prepared.

At Casa Living Spotlight Designer Zone, you can see the works of promising designers in Korea that the public has been paying attention to this year. There is. Meet works of art, originality, and popularity.

2022 Participating Brand : HWYD, Dozamm, Archefurniture, Texture

A special season exhibition that introduces everything about Christmas!

With its sensuous brand, it presents a special space that will satisfy not only individual consumers but also buyers. For Christmas decoration. Meet a variety of products in one place and prepare for a meaningful          end of the year.

There are 20 galleries with various works of art in one place. We can meet each other. How to meet art in your daily life. Art that makes the space even more beautiful while not doing it. Experience the harmony of spatial interiors.

Let me introduce the best crafts representing Korea. It is an art developed from use, and practicality is beautiful on stage. [Voiceover] Expressing the um. Because of this, it is used by the planning director.
Various artifacts containing beauty are on display.

The time spent with kids full of bright smiles is always. It's a special experience for both children and parents. It's going to be an unforgettable memory. In the Kids Room, I hope (G)I-DLE is bright and healthy.
Let me introduce a brand that has the desire to grow.


You can check out the brands that participated in the 2022 Home Table Deco Fair.

You can check the exhibition planning of the 2022 Home Table Deco Fair and the stories of various living brands through the Home Table Deco Fair exhibition magazine.