Show title       THE MAISON 

Venue              COEX Hall D, SEOUL, KOREA

Dates               Apr. 20 - 23, 2023

Time                 (Thur, Fri, Sat)10:00 - 19:00 / (Sun)10:00 - 18:00  (Last entry : 18:00/17:00)

Hosted by       Reed K. Fairs   CASA LIVING 

Sponsor          SkyLife

A better space, A better life, A better The Maison.

It starts on the basis of a good life. Users who consume and use space, including their homes and work spaces, are also increasingly seeing eye to eye.
Create a space to enrich your life and make yourself. It starts with Maison. From high-quality objects and furniture that embroider the space,
It brings together ideas for, new business opportunities, and the latest trends.

Under the theme of "In the Cabin: A Space Connected to Nature," Living Planning Center proposes a life by nature in search of rest and inspiration. It shows 3 cabins where you can feel the amplified sensation while staying in quiet nature beyond the empathy of life such as living room or bedroom.

Her Afternoon: Tea Room | Read Garden: Greenhouse Study | Sense of Hand: Gardner's Workshop

The 'Lifestyle Curation' planner is joined by a variety of brands that can meet individual lifestyle needs. You can meet INNOMETSA, which introduces the overall Nordic living culture from classical design to modern design brands in Skin Dinabia, LIFE & STYLE, which introduces a variety of overseas brands such as "Celetti" to "Lef Amsterdam" and "Chilli Watch," and LONPANE, a living shop that introduces a new spectrum of lifestyle.

We present the Ilprentrier Planning Space, which creates a space where you can fully relax in a closed space in the high city center. We are with THE GARDENEST & FOX THE GREEN, which practices Living with Green, a pet plant space that creates a space to live with plants for a sustainable life.

We propose an outdoor space that makes the summer season more beautiful. The Living Brand, which will make the early summer of June the most special, will present styling tips.

The Art Living Hall, which will make the space even more beautiful, offers a gallery of various artworks in one place and presents a new lifestyle that combines interior and art. In particular, you can see the special exhibition of "Translate" by Jak Jun-seok, who is drawing attention not only as a painting work but also an installation work, through The Maison.

From ceramics and ceramic products that will meaningfully embroider the space to various crafts that contain beauty in use, we introduce domestic ceramics and crafts that fill daily life with values.

You can see "Billard Panel," a complex cultural space opened in Yongin in 2018 with a showroom by Parnell, who has introduced famous European furniture in Korea for more than 40 years since 1979, at the Maison exhibition hall. The Cafe & Bakery "Billard Parnell" started for regular customers who kicked the existing showroom, but received great attention for its beautiful landscaping and interior design, and now it is a special space that many people visit from afar.

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<Design Salon Seoul> The conference will be held at COEX in April with <The Maison>,

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